Return of The Last Jedi 

Geeksville has been away for a while (more on that later)

But with the return of our favorite Jedi, I couldn’t stay away, and had to share the teaser trailer, which was first screened at the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, FL this weekend.
Star Wars fans were treated to the first look of Rey‘s training, with Luke Skywalker (hopefully she won’t have to run a spartan race while giving her teacher a piggy back ride, like her master did.)  As she learns about Force, and may becomes the titual final Jedi.

All off this happens as the Resistance faces an onslaught from Snoke’s First Order forces, and it looks like Finn may be worse the wear from it, and Poe Dameron and BB-8 just manage a close escape.  We also get a glimpse of what happened to drive the galaxy’s last Jedi into seclusion.

The trailer showed very little of General Leia Organa, after the passing of actress Carrie Fisher this past December.   Lucasfilm has put together a very touching tribute to her


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