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While at Indiecade East, I met Forest Handford who was showcasing the game Nevermind. This game was created by Flying Mollusk with Creative Director Erin Reynolds and Creative Producer Michael Annetta

Nevermind is a first person thriller puzzle adventure. Here you play as a Neuroprober, who goes in the minds of psychological trauma victims. The great addition to Nevermind is how the game is able to gain your level of stress while navigating through these stories. A webcam was on top of the screen during the demo, monitoring my eye movement. This was an incredible addition to the game, one I have never seen before.


I really enjoyed some of the stories during my playthrough. I felt completely immersed in the different stories. At times I had to relax and stay calm. Every detail of the level was important to remember, so when I collected all of the photo memories, I was able to put all the pieces of the story together. This game really made me think into the minds of the patients. It was unique and had made me want to get to the end of each story to figure out what really happened. Overall it was a great experience.


Nevermind is for Mac and Windows, and currently available on Steam.

Nevermind Trailer from Flying Mollusk on Vimeo.

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