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Over the past few years, Cosplay has become a huge part of Comic/Geek fandom.  Go to any comic convention or pop culture event, and you will see hundreds of fans taking part.  Cosplay is more than just dressing up as their favorite characters,  it’s about being part of and sharing your passion with the a greater fan community. Here at Geeksville we want to recognize and celebrate that fan spirit.

The first cosplayer I ever met and got to know was a young woman dressed as Zatanna at the Midtown Comics launch party for DC’s New 52 in 2011.  I was really impressed how she embodied the character.  Her showmanship really stood out to me.  Now I get to introduce her to you all, and we attempt to get underneath the cosplay.


It’s-A Me Cosplay


Central New Jersey



Geeksville (GV): How did you discover cosplay?

It’s-A Me (IAM): My friend and fellow cosplayer Lily Stitches. We met through a friend and it seemed awesome so I went for it.

GV: What was your first costume? Where did you first wear it?

IAMThe first costume I remember wearing was when I went to NYCC 2011 as Zatanna.

GV: Do you have a signature costume?

IAMI guess that would be Zatanna. I’ve definitely worn her more than any of my others because she’s the most weather-friendly.

GV: Do you make your costumes? If not, where do you get them?

IAMI have gotten my costumes from various designers based on what I’m looking for. A few of my cosplays have been the product of extensive online shopping for the right pieces. But I have gone to Vengeance Designs for my latex outfits and Cosplay Designs for my Miranda Lawson.

Photo by Coolsteel27 Photography

GV: If you do make your own, what is the most difficult costume you every made?

IAMI’m actually in the process of making my first costume which is Morrigan Aensland. It’s an interesting adventure because it’s a matter of sewing and prop making for the wings.

GV: What is your dream cosplay?

IAMDepends on when you ask me I guess. I’d love to do Wonder Woman at some point. And Eternal Sailor Jupiter.

GV: In 20 words or less, what is cosplay to you?

IAMA hobby that allows me to be creative and associate with like-minded people and build friendships.

GV: What type of characters appeal to you?

IAMI tend to go for the strong independent ones who don’t need no man. But seriously I do tend to run on the side of stronger, more reserved characters. Or, in the case ofZatanna, I can’t resist quality showmanship.

GV: How much authenticity do you strive for in your characters? Are you a screen/page literalist, or do you take a more personal approach to the character?

IAMI aim for accuracy where I can. I mean, Emma Frost didn’t wear latex, but I like it, so there. I also understand the issue of practicality because most artists/designers tend to ignore things like gravity when designing costumes. I have never gone completely off the book with a character yet. I’m doing my first adventure in that at the Steampunk World’s Fair since a steampunk-eque costume is called for.

GV: When cosplaying, how in character do you become?

IAMI actually try to keep the in character qualities to pictures. I don’t tend to dress as the most personable and charming characters, so I’m best of just being me and then popping into character when the camera is present.

GV: How long do you see yourself cosplaying?

IAMAs long as my lifestyle and budget allow it.

Miranda Cosplay
Photo by Cozpho Photography

GV: What is your cosplay philosophy?

IAMCosplay who you want without regard to anybody else. Don’t let the disapproval of other people get in the way of you living your life.

GV: What about when you are not cosplaying?  What do you read/watch/play?

IAMIf you let me, I will play Ocarina of Time and Contrast all day. But I enjoy the Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effectseries and will give any game a go if the plot seems appealing.

Photo by Strettography

Photo by Strettography

I’ll admit that I don’t have the budget for weekly comics, so if I’m in a shop and see a TPB that looks good and is the right price, I’ll pick up anything.

I’m actually really picky with anime. Mostly because nothing will ever give me the same joy as Sailor Moon and DBZ did back in the 90’s. Also, I don’t watch things that aren’t in English because I zone out and lose large chunks of plot

GV: What are your hobbies and interests?

IAMI enjoy cross-stitching, video games, and marathoning shows on Netflix.

GV: What was your geekiest moment that you can remember?

IAMI have no idea. I mean, people definitely get mindblown at my day job when I’m able to hold my own in conversations about various geekery, but that’s not saying much because I don’t think they expect me to know much at all.

GV: What is the next event or convention you will be cosplaying at?

IAMI will be at The Steampunk Worlds Fair from May 16-18 and then AnimeNext from June 6-8

GV: Thank you It’s-A Cosplay for your time and taking part in the inaugural edition of Underneath the Cosplay.

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