New Beginnings

You may have noticed that we haven’t posted recently.

Well there have been a few reasons for that, one big one was that is because we were having some hosting issues.   Well while we were trying to migrate the site to a new host, mistakes were made, and well..  we lost just about all our content, approximately seven years worth of articles, pictures, and fun just gone with a mistaken keystroke…

But hey – Silver lining – we get to create all new content for all of you!  DC has it’s Rebirth, Doctor Who regenerates, and we have this, our New Beginnings

It may take a little time, but I hope we will have some interesting things here for you before New York Comic Con begins this October.

Our goal here is to welcome all people, from the newest newb, to most hardcore fan and help them discover there is always something new to learn about your favorite geeky pursuits.   We want to be a place where anyone can share something they are passionate about, so let us know if there is something out there that you feel deserves a closer look.


We look forward to creating a new site, and are glad to have you hear along for the ride.



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