5 Movies DC & WB needs to make

If Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has taught us anything, it’s that any comic concept can be made into kick-ass movie.

Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment has decided to put all the chips on the table, and create a shared universe, and has put 9 films on the development schedule between now and 2020, which includes Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (it’s still not to late to change that title!)   There has already been a lot of rumors and expectations on what those films will be and we here (Wonder Woman, Shazam, Guillermo del Toro’s Justice League Dark project)  Batman and Superman are  pretty obvious choices for movies, but DC has a long history filled with a rich variety of characters.   So why not think a little bit outside of the box.

So when we sat down and talked about who we would want to see. We decided to focus on characters that haven’t been adapted for live action (film or tv) before.  (Animation, and video games are ok)  So that ruled out Zatanna, the Legion of Superheroes, Hawkman,  We also considered what pieces would come together nicely, and help expand the DC movie Universe.

After much debate (and Pizza) here is the list of our top 5


Doom Patrol #122 Cover by Bob Brown

There was talk of Doom Patrol movie back in 2006, but nothing ever materialized, and it’s a shame. A team of misfits, brought together and led by a genius in a wheelchair. Sounds like a sure hit. In fact it was, back in 2000.  It was called the X-Men. If a Doom Patrol movie is made, it will inevitably (and unfairly) be compared with the X-Men films.  Even though the DP beat the X-Men to the comic stands by a few months.

The teams’ backgrounds are similar, but there are distinct differences. Charles Xavier’s mutants was born with their powers, the Doom Patrol all suffered tragic accidents that lead to their abilities, but left them disfigured, physically and mentally. In a world where every hero is a matinée idol, what would it be like for heroes who look like monsters. Movie mutants are easy to accept when they look like Halle Barry and Hugh Jackman. To be distinctive, the Doom Patrol has to look the part. (granted Rita is a movie star before her accident)

The Patrol has a rich history of characters to draw from, but the team would have to include Dr. Niles Caulder, Robotman Cliff Steele, Rita Farr, the Elasit-girl and Larry Trainor also know as Negative Man, along some newer characters, like  Celsius and Crazy Jane.

A mix of Silver Age innocence, with the original trio (Cliff, Rita and Larry) maybe even being from the 60’s, and somehow displaced to the here and now, add some of the surreal of the Grant Morrison’s run added in. (Danny the Street, The Scissormen) and this could set its own visual distinct style. A director like Barry Sonnerfeld would knock Doom Patrol out of the park!


Adam Strange, From Justice League United #1 art by Mike McKone

Archeologist Adam Strange gets teleported across the universe to the planet Rann, where he becomes a hero.

Part Buck Rogers, and part John Carter of Mars, this film would play best in a very traditional sci-fi adventure, not a comedy. But it should have fun with the fish out of water premise. Like Buck, or Flash Gordan, and the other Saturday morning serials that inspired him, Strange needs to have a sense of wonder and desire to explore the world he finds himself in. Show off that indomitable human spirit, and draw influence from everything from Star Trek, to Farscape and even a little Galaxy Quest.

This film could also serve to introduce the larger universe of DC characters, with cameos by Ultraa, Thanagarians, Tamaranians, and maybe even a Czarnian bounty hunter? Besides the Adam Strange’s origin, We ‘d love to see them borrow some from James Robinson’s Starman stories that featured Adam Strange on Rann, and the galactic cold war with the Throneworld.

DC should also take its lead from the upcoming Star Wars sequels coming out, and go more with practical effects as much as possible. Perhaps Ant-Man’s loss could be Adam Strange’s gain. Director Edgar Wright could be brought in to helm the movie, and bringing in the Henson Creature shop to bring to life the strange aliens of the larger universe of DC.


Mister Miracle and Big Barda art by Jim Calafiore

Not as famous as some of his other creation, Jack Kirby’s New Gods can cause non-comic fans to scratch their head some, but they are a fascinating and vital addition to the DC Universe. With a Justice League movie on the way, Darkseid has to be in consideration for the team up film’s major villain. If not in the first JL flick, certainly in a sequel. A Mister Miracle movie could help prepare the way for introducing the rest of the New Gods

The story would focus on Scott Free’s showmanship as the world’s greatest escape artist. Seeking out the most death-defying stunts, with Big Barda at his side. The story is part road picture, part domestic comedy, and part saving the world from certain doom. With Scott and Barda hiding in plain sight from Granny Goodness and the Female Furies, With the help of sidekick/father figure Oberon, in search of his true origins, Scott will find himself on a road that will eventually take him to his real father (Highfather of New Genesis). There should be a few other familiar faces along the way. Lightray, Orion, for sure, maybe a Desaad or Glorious Godfreid.

This needs to be personal, yet grandiose film. The escapes have to be spectacular, and shown in a whole new way. A director like David Fincher would be an interesting choice we think. He has done big sci-fi, action, and character pieces. All things needed to tackle Jack Kirby’s Fourth World.


The Original Freedom Fighters (Cover by Ernie Chan)

One of the biggest mistakes DC did when they relaunched their universe with the new 52 was to eliminate all the history their characters had. There was a sense of legacy, and continuity, as new heroes picked up the mantles of the previous generation, like the Flash and Green Lantern. The Freedom Fighters could help fix that.

Since the Justice League no longer has a Justice Society inspiring them, that means there were no heroes on the home front during World War II. Here is a chance to change that. Most of these heroes are hardly household names (Uncle Sam, not withstanding). A movie, set during the forties, with the original versions of these characters could give the DC movie universe a sense of history.

DC did launch several miniseries featuring New 52 versions of some of these characters, which went somewhat unnoticed. But even that could be incorporated into the DC movie universe. The legacy of the Ray, Phantom Lady, the Human Bomb and the other Freedom Fighters could be picked up as a new generation could pick up their names and powers in other DC movies set in the present.

Jonathan Frakes (yes, Commander Riker from Star Trek) would be interesting choice to direct the period movie. Having taken the director’s chair on big budget ensemble scifi (Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection) as well as a whole lot of genre TV.


Vixen on the cover Justice League of America #4 Cover, Art by J.G. Jones

When are we going to get a super-hero movie starring a woman? We’ve heard that for a long time now. And it seems that the studios are finally starting think they may be ready to investigate the possibility of maybe making a movie with a woman in the lead sometime in the next 3 to 5 years. DC is bound to make a Wonder Woman movie, eventually and Marvel has talked about a Black Widow feature, eventually. But who will be the first character not already in the public’s consciousness (yet) to get a movie. It should be Vixen.

Vixen appeared in several episodes of Justice League Unlimited (where she was voiced by Firefly alum, and all around Bad Ass Gina Torres) so she’s not completely unheard of. She’s been a member of several different Justice Leagues in the comics too.

Mari Jiwe McCabe a/k/a Vixen, with the powers and abilities of all animals at her disposal, will help expand DC’s world beyond Gotham and Metropolis. He movie would have to be a straight origin pic, since this will be the character’s coming out, as it were.

Casting and hiring a creative team for this movie could be as much of challenge as actually making it. We can’t choose between Ava DuVernay, Rian Johnson or Mario Van Peeples.

So what do you think?  What DC Characters do you want to see on the silver screen in the near future?  And who do you want making and starring in them?

Let us know in the comments below.

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